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Membership in ESA makes sense in different ways for different people. Some join and renew to have the opportunity to present and publish their research. Others join and renew to stay current with that same research. If you would like to share your personal reason(s) for maintaining your ESA membership, please let us know.

Don't take it from us, listen to what ESA members say about ESA.

Mary Liz Jameson, PhD

Wichita State University, Member since 1986

"My lab enjoyed the poster webinar today.  Two people from my lab signed up for the webinar, but we viewed it as a group... 

Thanks for making this available!  We look forward to your coming webinars.  Viewing as a group was a good use of a lab meeting!"


Dr. Patricia Prasifka

Dow AgroSciences, ESA Member since 1996

"When I first joined ESA, I had no idea what the Society had to offer! Eight years later, I know the reason I renew is because the society provides me endless opportunities to network and grow as a professional."

Dr. David Hogg

University of Wisconsin, ESA Member since 1976

"Why did I join ESA?  I was a graduate student at the time, and I joined ESA because entomologists I respected were members and invited me to join.  Why have I stayed?  Simply put, ESA is our professional organization - for meetings, publications, staying connected - and where the culture of U.S. entomology resides and evolves."

Dr. J. E. McPherson

Southern Illinois University, ESA Member since 1966

"I joined because it was my obligation to support the national society. I still am a member because (1) ESA publishes high-quality journals that come with my dues with reduced rates for publishing research, and (2) the meetings offer the opportunity to learn of recent advances in all areas of entomology and the chance to meet new colleagues and renew old friendships, the latter which seem to grow almost geometrically."

Dr. Richard Musser

Western Illinois University, ESA Member since 1998

"The ESA has given me so much in my professional development. However, only recently I have come to understand what an intellectual privilege it is to be a scientist, and our Society helps to foster this privilege.  I will be a life time supporter of this important organization."

Dr. Allan G. Peterson

Retired, ESA Member since 1940

"I have always felt that the ESA is a much-needed source of support, a valuable source of scientific information, a welcome avenue for publishing results of research, and a way to meet and share information with fellow entomologists. The ESA has provided me with all of these things over the years, and I am very grateful as well as being proud of our organization."

Ms. Kimberly Skyrm

Oregon State University, ESA Student Member since 2005

"ESA has continually provided me with resources and opportunities to further develop my dream of becoming an entomologist. ESA is a wonderful organization that provides support for students, educators, and researchers in the field of entomology. As a student member, I feel inspired by being a part of this organization. "

Dr. Kevin Steffey

Dow AgroSciences, ESA Member since 1975

"Entomology is a very exciting and diverse science. To me, ESA is the place to keep up
with the most cutting-edge research, share my passion about insects, and show my commitment to advancing the entomological sciences with thousands of like-minded entomologists."

Dr. Vicky Yokoyama

USDA-ARS, ESA Member since 1974

"Membership in ESA has enhanced my career ... ESA journals have provided an international audience for my research publications in regulatory entomology. Members of our society have been highly supportive of all women in science. ESA provides aspiring young scientists, such as my daughter, an introduction to a branch of science that is unique and diverse in specializations."


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Is ESA right for you? We hope that you’ll agree – if you work with insects, you can gain a lot by working with us. Why do you join? Why do you renew? If you would like to contribute to this page, please send a recent photo and your comments to the ESA Member Services at