Special Committees

Special Committees are established by a majority vote of the ESA Governing Board, to conduct a given charge for a specified period of time. ESA currently has the following special committees. The current charges for the committees are stated below. Each year, ESA's Headquarters Staff works with the ESA President to modify these charges as needed to adapt to the most current needs of the membership.

Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

ESA’s Strategic Principles state, “ESA has a social responsibility to develop all of its members.”  ESA’s Outcome Statement includes: “To increase the diversity and satisfaction of members and customers as well as the value provided to them.”  To determine how ESA can best meet these principle and outcome statements and to support diversity and inclusion within ESA and within the science, ESA’s Governing Board established a Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) in July 2015. The Committee will propose resources, programs, and services that will maximize D&I support among ESA members, and increase the cultural competency of ESA members. (Roster via ESA's Committee Directory; available to ESA members only)

Early Career Professionals Committee (ECP) [formerly Student Transition & Early Professionals (STEP) and formerly Student & Young Professionals (SYP)]

The Early Career Professionals Committee, a Special Committee to the Governing Board, was created to conceive and execute any specific needs that are not being met through other measures. The Committee is also a vehicle for recognizing the perspectives of and experiences of the Student Transition and Early Professional population and helps develop our next generation of ESA leaders. (Roster via ESA's Committee Directory; available to ESA members only)

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