Press Releases

ESA Presents First Class of Science Policy Fellows

Annapolis, MD; October 16, 2014 -- In 2014, the Entomological Society of America (ESA) formed a program to support and develop scientists as visible and effective advocates for entomology and entomological research. The program will accept five new Fellows each year to serve two-year terms.

Media Advisory for Entomology 2014 in Portland

Annapolis, MD; October 14, 2014 -- Entomology 2014, the 62nd Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America (ESA), will be held November 16-19, 2014 in Portland, Oregon. With more than 3,000 insect scientists already registered, the meeting will be one of the largest entomology meetings in recent memory.

Efficacy of “Natural” Bed Bug Pesticides Compared

Annapolis, MD; October 12, 2014 -- Concerns over human-insecticide exposure has stimulated the development of alternative bed bug control materials, and many essential oil-based pesticides and detergent insecticides have been developed in recent years. But how well do they work? To find out, researchers from Rutgers University evaluated the efficacy of nine essential oil-based products and two detergents that are labeled and marketed for bed bug control. The results are published in an article in the Journal of Economic Entomology.

New Leafhopper Species Named After UI entomologist

Annapolis, MD; October 9, 2014 -- Three new species of leafhoppers from China in the genus Futasujinus were recently identified during a review of leafhoppers in museum collections in China, the UK, and Illinois. One of them, Futasujinus dietrichi, was "named after Dr. Chris Dietrich, University of Illinois, USA, in recognition of his good work on leafhoppers." The new species are described in an article in Annals of the Entomological Society of America.

ESA VP-Elect Named National Medal of Science Winner

Annapolis, MD; October 6, 2014 --Dr. May Berenbaum, 2014 Vice President-Elect of the Entomological Society of America (ESA), has been named a winner of the National Medal of Science, the United States’ highest honor for achievement in science and technology.

“I don’t think you can top this one, I really don’t," Dr. Berenbaum said. "This one is such an enormous honor. Many people this year are science heroes of my own. And I’m so incredibly thrilled to be on the same list."

No Page Charges for ESA Members in 2015

Annapolis, MD; October 2, 2014 – The Entomological Society of America (ESA) has announced that Society members will no longer have to pay page charges in its journals starting with issues published in January 2015, fulfilling a long-term goal of the ESA Governing Board. The Society’s new publishing partnership with Oxford University Press made it possible to dramatically enhance the value of Society membership with this policy change.

Study Provides Key to Identifying Spiders in Cargo

Annapolis MD; October 1, 2014 – Spiders found in international cargo brought into North America are sometimes submitted to arachnologists for identification. Often, these spiders are presumed to be of medical importance because of their size or similarity to spiders that are known to be toxic to humans.

The AE Poet’s Guide to the Orders of Insects

Annapolis, MD; September 22, 2014 -- In addition to being a scientist, entomology professor, and editor-in-chief of American Entomologist, Gene Kritsky is also an art enthusiast and a scholar of insects in literature and the arts.

ESA Names Winners of 2014 Awards

Annapolis, MD; September 10, 2014 -- The Entomological Society of America (ESA) is pleased to announce the winners of its 2014 awards. The awards will be presented at Entomology 2014, ESA's 62nd Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon from November 16-19, 2014.

The following individuals are recipients of the 2014 ESA professional and student awards.

ESA Names Winners of 2014 AFRI Travel Grants

Annapolis, MD; September 10, 2014 -- The Entomological Society of America (ESA) is pleased to announce that ten entomology students are recipients of travel grants awarded by the USDA's Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI). The grants will provide financial support to graduate students for new networking, presentation, and research opportunities at Entomology 2014, ESA's 62nd Annual Meeting this November in Portland, Oregon.