Winners of the Herb T. Streu Meritorious Service Award

Year Winner
2017 Peter Schultz
2016 William Lamp
2015 Chris Bergh
2014 George Hamilton
2013 No Award Given
2012 Daniel Gilrein
2011 Roger Youngman
2010 Faith B. Kuehn
2009 Eric R. Day
2008 Jim Steffel
2007 James F. Stimmel
2006 No Award Given
2005 Susan Whitney King
2004 Douglas G. Pfeiffer
2003 William F. Gimpel
2002 No Award Given
2001 No Award Given
2000 Kathleen S. Shields
1999 No Award Given
1998 No Award Given
1997 Gerald L. Jubb, Jr.
1996 E. Alan Cameron
1995 Thomas M. O'Dell
1994 Karl R. Valley and Alfred G. Wheeler, Jr.
1993 Karen I. Hauschild, John W. Neal, Jr., and Roger H. Ratcliffe
1992 No Award Given
1991 William A. Allen

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