Entomology Research Assistant

Entomology Research Specialist

Kimberly Research & Extension Center

Kimberly, ID

For priority consideration, apply by 17 April 2017

Visit the online posting to view the full position announcement and application instructions: https://uidaho.peopleadmin.com/postings/16937

Major Function:

Assist in planning, establishing, and conducting entomological experiments in the field, greenhouse, and laboratory that are focused on biology, behavior, ecology, and management of insect pests of potato and sugar beet and their arthropod natural enemies; collect, analyze, and interpret data; assist in preparation of reports, presentations, and publications and in delivering presentations at local, regional, and national meetings. Also responsible for managing and maintaining field, greenhouse, and laboratory equipment, insecticide inventories, and insect colonies in the greenhouse. Assist with supervising temporary employees and maintaining safe working conditions. Expected to complete tasks in an efficient and timely manner with minimal direction from project leader, often working independently, and expected to provide quality technical support to the research project.


Assist Project Leader with planning and conducting various entomological studies (35%; Essential)

Assist with planning and conducting field, greenhouse, and laboratory studies on insect biology, behavior, ecology, and management, including establishing field plots and greenhouse experiments, troubleshooting experimental procedures, planting, applying insecticide treatments, collecting entomological data, and harvesting plots in potato and sugar beet studies. Collection of entomological data includes sampling and observing insects in the field, greenhouse, and laboratory, and determining species identifications of insect specimens.

Assist Project Leader with preparation of reports and publications (35%; Essential)

Use software—including spreadsheet, statistical analysis, graphics, and word processing software—to compile, collate, analyze, and summarize research findings and to prepare reports, presentations, and publications.

Assist Project Leader with coordination of project activities and personnel (20%; Essential)

Coordinate work activities including planning and prioritizing monthly, weekly, and daily tasks. Assist with maintenance of greenhouse colonies of insects. Make time-sensitive insecticide applications in field and greenhouse experiments. Assist in job training and supervision of temporary help employees. Provide training of temporary help employees regarding job safety.

Assist Project Leader with maintenance of equipment and supplies (5%; Essential)

Assist with all aspects of the field and greenhouse research activities, including equipment usage, operation, and maintenance for planting, spraying, and harvesting operations. Work with the farm manager and farm operations staff to ensure that equipment is properly prepared, maintained, cleaned, and calibrated for field and greenhouse research projects in potato and sugar beet. Assist with troubleshooting and repair of equipment as necessary.

Contribute to team effort (5%; Marginal)

Facilitate success of research and extension projects by developing and maintaining working relationships with administrative staff, faculty, support staff, collaborators, other project personnel, farm manager, and farm operations staff.


--Bachelor’s degree in field related to research area PLUS at least 2 years related experience.

--Strong working knowledge of: scientific principles and relevant software programs.

--Demonstrate ability to: perform a variety of specialized tasks and laboratory techniques specific to the needs of the position; operate, maintain, calibrate, troubleshoot, and resolve basic problems with instruments and equipment; keep records and compile written information for reports; follow good safety practices; possess good interpersonal and communication skills; train and supervise other workers.

--Possession of: an Idaho Limited Applicators License or be willing to obtain one within 6 months from the date of hire.


--MS degree in Entomology or closely related field.

--Coursework in statistics and entomological sciences.

--Experience with: insecticides and insecticide applications, field research methods, making oral presentations at public and professional meetings.

--Understanding of: pesticides, irrigated crop production, motorized or power-driven equipment operation.

--Ability to: identify insects, operate laboratory and field equipment, repair equipment.

--Demonstrated ability to: independently conduct all activities associated with field and greenhouse research, perform a variety of specialized tasks and field, greenhouse, and laboratory techniques specific to the needs of the position; simultaneously carry out multiple projects to completion with little supervision.

--Physical ability to: perform assigned duties; may be required to work with toxic, volatile, and corrosive chemicals and/or carcinogenic substances; may be required to work in adverse environmental conditions; and/or lift and carry heavy materials weighing up to 100 pounds.

For the position announcement and application procedures, visit: https://uidaho.peopleadmin.com/postings/16937

For additional questions, contact Erik Wenninger at 208-423-6677 or erikw at uidaho.edu

For priority consideration, applications should be submitted no later than Monday, 17 April 2017.

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60 Days
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University of Idaho
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Erik Wenninger
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United States
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