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Name Education Level Keywords Last Updated
Professor Jalal Jalali Sendi Ph.D Insect Physiology (Immunology, Digestion, Endocrinology) Dec 14, 2017
Dr. Antônio Panizzi PhD Dec 12, 2017
Research Entomologist Adam Wimer PhD in Entomology Dec 11, 2017
Dr Harmen Hendriksma PhD Honey bee, health, nutrition, parasites, pollen, nectar, pollination, bumble bee, colony, social insects Dec 6, 2017
Dr. Helen Spafford Ph.D. Dec 6, 2017
Eric Clifton PhD Entomology, Nematology, Mycology, Integrated Pest Management, Biological Control, Pesticides, Host Plant Resistance, Agriculture Nov 29, 2017
Tracey Payton Miller M.S. (Ph.D. May 2018) Biological control, horticulture, greenhouse, ornamentals, vegetables Nov 28, 2017
William Jessie PhD Biological control, IPM, Coccinellidae, Aphidiinae Nov 27, 2017
Kaycee A. Quarles Doctorate doctorate, chemical engineering, biochemistry, genetics, bioinformatics, insect, evolution, RNA, RNAi, protein, agriculture Nov 13, 2017
CV 2017 Lidia Komondy Senior Undergraduate Nov 12, 2017
Dawn Sikora MS, MLIS Nov 8, 2017
ClueverJ_CV Jeffrey Cluever Nov 8, 2017
Mackenzie Mattern Bachelors of Science (pending) - Horticulture Horticulture, Urban Agriculture, IPM, Sustainable Agriculture, Pollinator Diversity, Pollinator Identification Nov 6, 2017
Spatial technology, Remote sensing and UAV in Entomology Rohith Vulchi Spatial technology, Remote sensing techniques and Unmanned aerial vehicles in Agriculture Nov 4, 2017
Mr Michael Anthony Balogh Bachelor of Arts in Biology Biologist, Forester, Urban Forestry, Trees, Horticulture, Drosophila, Hormesis, Stress, Physiology, Research, Assistant Nov 3, 2017
Austin Fife Candidate MSc Entomology, BSc Zoology Insect-Plant Interactions, Potato Psyllid, Bactericera cockerelli, Plant Pathology, Insect Identification, Behavior, Ethology, Host Plant Resistance, Vector Biology, Insect Ecology, Hemiptera Nov 3, 2017
Dorothy Madamba MS Biology Candidate Nov 2, 2017
Postdoctoral Research Entomologist Deanna Scheff PhD packaging technologies against stored-product insects, Integrated pest management, food safety certifications, methyl bromide alternatives, taxonomy, ecological colonization studies, Oct 31, 2017
Thomas Harty Masters of Entomology pest management crop protection chemical control physical control cultural control biological control botany horticulture host plant resistance coleopteran integrated pest management hydroponics greenhouse production colony care plant pathology weed science Oct 30, 2017
Dr. Daniela Magdalena Sorger PhD Evolutionary ecology, taxonomy, behavior, citizen science, science communication, k-12 teacher collaboration, educational outreach, museum curation, insect collection, graphic design, macrophotography, videos, ants, spiders, insects Oct 26, 2017