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Tuten, Holly Doctorate behavior, ecology, invertebrate, medical and veterinary entomology, morphology, mosquito, taxonomy, teaching, tick, vector
Ativor, Isaac Masters Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Biological Science, organic agriculture,, weaver ant, fruit flies, Banana weevil ecology, integrated management of forest and horticultural pests
Folorunsho, Ibrahim High School Electrical Engineering
Beardwood, Joy Bachelors Incisitermes minor, Zootermopsis spps., confocal microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, morphology
Hasan, Fazil Masters Pieris brassicae, Zygogramma bicolorata, Host plant interaction, parasitoids
Rider-Hill, Chelsea Some College Coleoptera, Lepidoptera, Research, Museum, Internship, Public, Hemiptera, California, Pasadena, Phasmatodea
Sundar, Shunmugam Doctorate Aquatic insects, Ecology, Systematics, Taxonomy, Stream Ecology
Cao, Runxin Masters Termites, Urban Entomology, Structural Pest Control, Pesticide Application, Field Work Experience, Research Position, Technical Position.
Pleasants, John Doctorate pollination, GMO crops, monarch butterflies
Brill, Nancy Doctorate Insect ecology, Insect behavior, Insect pathology, Vegetable IPM, Agroecology, Pesticide trials (including entomology and plant pathology), Soil pest research, Horticulture and farming skills, Business owner, Writer, Leadership
Mahdavi, Vahid Doctorate Toxicology
Mayo, Ann Doctorate myrmecology, ecology, biodiversity, spatial ecology, grassland
Son, Youngsoo Doctorate Entomologist
Hounkpati, Brad K. Doctorate Studying Coccinellidae., Current project: Revision of the genus Brachiacantha, West African Coccinellidae
Nair, Shakunthala Doctorate IPM, Plant-insect interactions, Ornamental and Landscape pests, Hemiptera, Tingidae, Communication, Illustration, Applied research, Teaching
Lim, Su Yee Doctorate Systematics, Education, Urban and Structural Entomology, Taxonomy, Termites, Ants, Microprogation of in vitro culture
Roden, Ashley Masters kissing bugs, triatoma, house dust mites, identification, storage mites, extraction, molecular
Abraham, Cheri Doctorate Turf & Ornamental Entomology, IPM, Parasitoids, Greenhouse pest management, Biological control, Mole Crickets, Leafminers, Group, Organizational, and Program Management
Raman, Ravichandran Masters Urban an Industrial Entomology, Quarantine Inspections, HACCP, AIB, Vector control, Service Management, Technical Trainer experience
Akotsen-Mensah, Clement Doctorate Integrated Pest Management, Organic Agriculture, Insect Behavior and Chemical Ecology, Systematics and Evolution, and Pesticide Science
Benzi, Veronica Masters tritrophic interactions, natural products, pest control, crop protection, biological control, chemical ecology,
Rajashekar, Yallappa Doctorate Rajashekar CV
Hummel, Natalie Doctorate rice, sugarcane, extension, social media, Louisiana
Park, Jong-Seok Doctorate Entomology, Systematics, Taxonomy, Biodiversity, Phylogeny, Biogeography, Coleoptera, Beetles, Staphylinidae, Pselaphinae
Gao, Yulin Doctorate Insecticide resistance management, Liriomyza Leafminer,Thrips tabaci,Frankliniella occidentalis
Li, Yunhe Doctorate Risk assessment assessment, Genetically modified plant, Non-target effect, ELISA, Western blot, Green lacewing, Ladybird beetle,
Medeiros, Matthew Doctorate Lepidoptera, teaching, education, outreach, PCR, systematics, conservation, public speaking, taxonomy, logistics
Thapa, Srijana Bachelors Lepidopterans, biological control,Insect Pest Management, IPM
Neese, Robert Masters
Neese, Robert Masters
Inskeep, Jess Bachelors Insects, biological control, agriculture, IPM, sustainability
Bonab, Reza Doctorate Acarology- Physiology of mite
Mitchell, Adam Bachelors Biodiversity, Biological Control, Environmental Entomology, Invasive Ecology, Restoration Ecology
Dellinger, Linda High School Service Manager and Technical Training
Hardy, Margaret Doctorate biochemistry, biotechnology, insecticide toxicology, IPM, outreach, regulatory policy, science communication, spiders, toxins, venoms
Vyavhare, Suhas Doctorate Entomology, Agriculture, IPM, Resistance management, Bioassays, Toxicology
Mashtoly, Tamer Doctorate Bio-Pesticides, Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), Molecular Entomology, IPM, Insect Resistance, Bioassay, GC ans HPLC, Toxicology,
Magnus, Roxane Masters DNA, Insect Rearing, Agriculture, Excel, Bioassay, Field, Laboratory, Instructor, Molecular
Radl, James Bachelors Homoptera, Hemiptera, ecology, meta-community interaction, predator-prey behavior, biodiversity, toxicology, and biological pest control
P, Philip Doctorate Resume - Entomology
Tiwari, Sundar Masters Integrated Pest Management, Biological Control, Pollination, Agricultural Entomology, IPM and Farmers Field School, Hymenopteran, Bee taxonomy
Rabinovich, Jorge Doctorate Population ecology, biogeography, Chagas disease, Triatominae, Modeling,Population dynamics, Biological control, Vital statistics, Evolution, Life history
Barbosa, Pedro Doctorate Insect Ecology, Tri-trophic Level Interactions, Biocontrol, Underrepresented Students
Kelly, Brian Bachelors insects, arachnids, Latrodectus, research, field, invertebrate, ants,
Botch, Paul Doctorate Landscape Ecology, Community Ecology, Termites, Urban Entomology, Conservation, Pest Management
Hiltpold, Ivan High School
Stanton, George Doctorate Professor of Biology, Emeritus, Columbus State University, Retired Academic VP, Dean of Science, Biology Department Chair (1969-2009) Adjunct professor and interim director of Oxbow Meadows Environmental Center since 2009.
Coscos, Louie Bachelors entomology, IPM, insecticide trials, insecticide, novel insecticide, resistance, pesticides, agrochemicals, ecology, insects, pest control, R&D, extension, taxonomy, agriculture, statistical analysis, statistics, ANOVA, behavioural ecology, survey, insect and disease diagnosis.
Klick, Jimmy Doctorate Applied entomology, small fruits, Drosophila suzukii, horticulture, nursery production, reduced spray strategies, immunomarking, insect marking, spatial statistics, extension
Maloney, Sean Masters treehoppers,membracidae,systematics,taxonomy,collections,insect diversity
Monteiro da Rocha Bravo Ferreira, Maria Teresa Doctorate termites, genetics, etology, chemicals,
Bahder, Brian Doctorate mealybugs, vectors, scales, genetics, virus, PCR, phylogenetics, termites, pheromones, bioassay
Shelomi, Matan Doctorate Phasmatodea, Insect Physiology, Digestion, Transcriptomics, Enzymes, Physiology, Herbivory, Symbionts, Histology, Morphology
Mussen, Eric Doctorate Extension Apiculturist, beekeeping, pollination, pesticides, diseases, parasites, bee biology, CCD
Rahman, Mohammad Atikur Doctorate Insect taxonomist, Planthopper, Biodiversity, Systematic Entomology, molecular identification, Hemiptera, Homoptera, Auchenorrhyncha
George, Devan Some College research, honors, environmental, agricultural, Genetics, taxonomy, pathology, extension, IPM, identification
Londono, Diana Doctorate Biological control, toxicology, molecular biology, enzymes, molecular markers, resistance, invasive species, bacteria, fungus, screening, nematodes, microbiology, entomology, entomopathogens, , GLP, BSL2
Merrill, Brooke Bachelors Pentatomids, Fisheries, Entomology, Research, Invasives, Colony rearing, Quarantine facility, Aquatics, Michigan State University,
Tourtois, Joseph Masters Biological Control, Rearing Insects, Predatory Insects, Pollinators, Entomopathogenic Nematodes, Entomophagy,
Vessels, Helen Masters Hemiptera, Coreidae, life history, immature illustrations, insect rearing, plant pathology, entomology, arachnology
Schultz, Jaime Bachelors conservation, customer service, data processing, design, ecology, entomology, fund-raising, grant writing, healthcare, management, mentor, monitoring, neurodiagnostic, outreach, pediatrics, philanthropy, photography, physiology, pollinators, publication, quality assurance, research, scheduling, stewardship, team leader, travel, volunteer, writing,
QAYYOUM, MUHAMMAD ASIF Doctorate To acquire a good position, with honesty and hard work, in any organization where chances of advancement and learning are available for skilled and hardworking people.
Saeed Khan, Bilal Doctorate CV Bilal Saeed Khan, Entomologist, Acari, Bio-Control, Systematics, New species, Biodiversity,,
Kim, Soo-Hoon Doctorate codling moth, plum curculio, obliquebanded leafroller, rednecked cane borer, raspberry crown borer, green June beetle, insecticide efficacy, chemical ecology
Gonzales, Charles High School ACE, CA, Management
Kuhns, Emily Doctorate Chemical Ecology, Invasive Species, Forestry, Attractants, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Volatiles, Vectored Diseases, Chromatography, Technical Writing
Ciesla, William Masters Forest insects, international assignments, remote sensing, insect photography
Avery, Pasco Doctorate Field research and extension entomologist, multi-crop specialist, multi-trophic interaction specialist, entomopathogenic fungi specialist, research and development, biocontrol, insect pathologist, insecticide screening trials, biorationals
Dickey, Aaron Doctorate Hemiptera, Thysanoptera, Biotechnology, Phylogenetics, Population Genetics, GIS, Molecular Biology, Ecology, Evolution, Plant-Insect Interactions
Dossey, Aaron T. Doctorate Biochemistry, Chemical Ecology, Natural Products Chemistry, Entomophagy, Insect Husbandry, Outreach.
Lopez-Martinez, Giancarlo High School
Eiden, Amanda Masters Medical and Veterinary Entomology, Pesticide Resistance, Molecular Techniques, Public Health, Extension,
Sanchez-Rodriguez, Mayerling Doctorate Agriculture, Field trials, Efficacy tests, IPM, Disease and pest management, Bilingual
Beaudoin, Amanda Doctorate thrips, tomato_spotted_wilt_virus, pepper, insecticide_field_trials, insect_bioassay, experimental_design_and_statistical_analysis, ELISA, basic_weed_ecology, greenhouse_experiment, laboratory_experiment
Ali, Md. Masters
Tembo, Rostern Doctorate Biologist (entomologist, Chair of Department
Ritchardson, Amy Bachelors Insects, Research, Integrated Pest Management, Agriculture, Crop physiology, LiCor, Analysis, Presentations, Biochemistry, Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry
Diller, John Masters Aquatic Entomology, Culicidae, Limnology, Ecology, SCUBA, Great Lakes, Education, Biodiversity
Herlihy, Megan Masters
Hamshou, Mohamad Doctorate Agglutinins or lectins, Protein extraction, Bradford analysis, Agglutination test, Gel electrophoresis, Fungal culture, Insects rearing, Insects bioassays, Bt toxin, Cell lines culture, Fungal lectins purification, FITC-labeling, Histofluorescence, Cytotoxicity assays, MTT assay, DNA fragmentation analysis, Caspases activity assay, saponin, Confocal microscope, Fluorescence microscope, artificial diet assays, Nuclear staining, Proteomic analysis, Glycosylation, Cell proliferation assay, kinase inhibitors,
Weed, Aaron Doctorate Insect ecology, Herbivore-Plant Interactions, Biological Control, Population Modeling, Landscape Ecology, and Climate Change
Barringer, Lawrence Masters Biodiversity, Tropics, Fulgoroids, Fulgoroidea, Alpha Diversity, Beta Diversity, Systematics, Taxonomy, Collections, Invasives
Gallagher, Diana Masters archaeoentomology, archaeoparasitology, historical archaeology, sanitation and hygiene in the past
Shi, Li Doctorate insects, systematics and phylogeny
Panthi, Babu Bachelors Diphania hyalinata, Biological Control, Host Plant Resistant, IPM, Research Assistant
Lynch, Christine Doctorate IPM, Biological control, Insect ecology and biology, Insect rearing, Forest entomology, tephritid fruit fly, parasitoids, predators, Regulatory entomology
Muse, Wasiu Doctorate Blowfly, Grasshoppers, Mosquitoes, Insect Rearing, Insect Biology & Behavior, Electrophoresis, Enzyme assay, Protein & Sugar determinations & interpretation
Marchant, Wendy Masters
Faiman, Roy Doctorate Vector ecology, control, sand flies, transmission dynamics, statistics, xenodiagnosis, PCR, field work, publications
Decker, Brenna Bachelors research, pollination, photography, computers, leader, organization, initiative
Shalaby, Omar Doctorate Entomology, Forensic entomology, Medical entomology, Biology, Zoology
Antwi-Agyakwa, Akua Bachelors graduate student, agriculture, hardworking, entomology, experienced, english, computer
Thompson, Sarah Masters High Tunnel, Hoop House, Vegetable Production, Integrated Pest Management, Pesticides, Agriculture, Season Extension, Insect Behavior, Insect Colony Propagation, Biology
Rana, Saleem Doctorate Medical Entomology, Public Health Entomology,Veterinary Entomology, Vector-borne pathogens, Vector Control,Insecticide Resistance Management,Public Health Entomology,Economic Entomology, Entomology Extension Services,
akhtar, wasim Masters AGri Entmologest + Research & Development + Sales & Marketing + Regulatory Affairs+ Crop Protection Advisor +Urben Pest Management
butt, khadija Masters
Mugheri, Tariq Masters any job sales/mangment
Gaire, Sudip Masters Graduate Research Assistant at New Mexico State University
Drake, Lisa Masters Biology, mosquitoes, molecular biology techniques
Jones, Grady Some College
Sattar, Abdul Masters Agricultural Entomologist
Walgama, Sampath Doctorate Crop Entomology (Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Biological Control), Livestock Entomology (Biting flies, evaluation of trapping methods for biting flies),
Burrows, Matthew Bachelors Lepidoptera, Odonata, conservation biology, systematics, vector biology, field/lab research.
Singh, Mr. Masters Economic Entomology, Insecticide Resistance Management in Cotton, Mite Pests of Field and Vegetable Crops, Entomology Extension Services
Crossley, Michael Bachelors biofuel, biological control, greenhouses, integrated pest management, soybean aphid, vegetable crops
Liu, Xuming Doctorate Plant resistance to insects, Multidisciplinary experience, Molecular biology, Plant breeding, Marker-assisted selection, Plant genetics, Insect-control traits, Integrated pest management, Transgenic resistant crops,
Greenebaum, Mara Bachelors Aquatic Insects, Field Work, Conservation, Biotic Integrity, Biomonitoring, Insect Identification
Cords, Karen Doctorate Product, development, Strategic, planning, Regulatory, Innovation, Training, Research, Management,
Vogt, James Doctorate Urban entomology, Board Certified Entomologist, Research, Publication, Pest management, Administration, Research Leader, Project Leader
Mohanta, Jhilly Doctorate Lac insect, Kerria lacca, insect
Golec Jr PhD RAC, Frederick Simon Doctorate Chemistry, Manufacturing, Controls, CMC, Regulatory, Consultant, IND&NDA, Life-Cycle, Compliance, Conformance
Golec, Julian Masters Invasive insects, invasive insect biology, invasive insect ecology and distribution, biological control, kudzu bug
Gray, Rebecca Masters survey, training, emerald ash borer, gypsy moth, invasive species, communications, spanish,
Yocom, Suzanne Bachelors sustainable agriculture, aquatic ecology, biogeography,
Fleming, Daniel Doctorate IPM, Lygus lineolaris, agriculture, ecology, landscape, polygalacturonase, insect pathology, Nosema, PCR
Girao, Flavia Doctorate veterinarian, phd, public health entomology, parasites, zoonoses, ticks, tick-borne diseases, ,
Avon, Carl Olivier Some College Technicians
Ingrao, Adam Bachelors Bio-control, apiculture, biological control, greenhouse, IPM, plant protection
Ingwell, Laura Doctorate plant-insect interactions, insect vector, ELISA, PCR, ecology, plant virus, insect rearing, Barley yellow dwarf virus, aphid, plant volatiles
Al Mamun, Mohammad Shameem Masters Tea Entomology, Biopesticide, Pesticide Residue, Integrated Pest Management, Bangladesh
Hameed, Asifa Masters
Majeed, Farhan Masters
Mansoor, Muhammad Masters
Ochilo, Willis Masters Crop pests and their management, International Development
Villiard, Alexandra Doctorate mosquito, ecology, behavior, IPM, biocontrol, PCR
Pal, Dr. Ruchita Doctorate postdoctoral scientist position, entomology, nanosciences, electron microscopy.
Marchese, Jacquelyn Masters Entomology, pollination, teaching, project manager, bumble bee
Kennedy, Ashley Masters medical entomology, acarology, vector ecology, systematics, taxonomy, Auchenorrhyncha, Acari, ticks
Bancroft, Jay High School
Gardner, David Masters taxonomy, biodiversity, population genetics, pesticides, biocontrol, insect collection, apiology, native bees, outreach, forest fragmentation
Stoklosa, Allison Masters Forestry, Entomology, Invasives, Decomposition, Rearing, Bioassay, Statistics, Biocontrol, EAB
Stockmann, Dustin Masters
Venter, Gert Doctorate Culicoides, African Horse Sickness, Bluetongue, light traps
Chen, Jie Masters Entomology, pest management, biostatistician
Fasasi, Kamilu Ayo Doctorate Honeybee Research, Agriculutural / Economic Entomology, Cross pollination Ecology, Environmental Biology, Conservation Ecology
Al Saffar, Mohammed Doctorate
Wang, Qiao Doctorate Insect behavior, biological control, pheromones, systematics, professor
German-Ramirez, Enger Masters Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Invasive insect pests, Biological control, Relationship insect-plant, Insect ecology
Bisht, Kalpana Masters
dad, raham Masters entomologest
Robertson, Jacqueline Doctorate bioassay, experimental design, probit or logit regression, dose-response regression, forest entomology
Ruiz, Macedonio Masters 20 Years of experience working with Structural, Medical and Urban Pests., German cockroaches, Peridomestic insects and Rodents, and great emphasis on Hymenoptera Order and Formicidae and Mormycidae Families.
Buhl, Christine Doctorate
Jagadeshwaran, Urmila Doctorate Insect, Mosquito, extracellular electrophysiology, molecular biology, PCR,immunohistochemistry, western
Uzsak, Adrienn Doctorate Urban pests, Insect behavior, Insect reproduction
Barbarin, Alexis M. Doctorate Bed bug, Cimex lectularius, social networks, biopesticide, microsatellite markers, Integrated Pest Management
Zibaee, Arash Doctorate
Morrison, Colin Bachelors Ecologist, Technician, Insects, Plants, Tropical, Curation, Biodiversity, Interactions, Evolution, Husbandry
LaTora, Angela Bachelors insects, entomology, plant-insect relationships, research, technician, ecology, assistant, intern, agriculture, botany
Hung, Kim Bachelors PhD candidate, medical and veterinary entomology, insect behavior, chemical ecology, insect symbionts, house flies, honeydew, citrus mealybug
khan, rashid Doctorate
Morgan, Brett Some College internship, ecology, plant-pest interactions, botany, agriculture, Hymenoptera,
Lahiri, Sriyanka Doctorate Insect rearing, Biological Control, Telenomus podisi, stink bugs, Megacopta cribraria, IPM, bacterial identification, grantsmanship, teaching and research.
Shelton, Mark Doctorate IPM, Apiculture, Wood-boring beetles, Expert witness
Slay, Caitlin Bachelors Biological, cultural, & mechanical control, lygus, P. relictus, lygus parasitism, lygus dissections, syrphid, diamond back moth, cabbage aphid
Marimat, Mino Giacomo Masters insecticide toxicology, biochemistry, statistical analysis
Delaney, Kevin Doctorate plant-insect interactions, photosynthesis, herbivory, chemical ecology, VOC induction, invasive plants, biological control, insect ecology, behavioral ecology, animal behavior
Kistner, Erica Doctorate grasshopper, disease ecology, rangeland ecology, pest management, host-pathogen interaction, entomopathogen, statistics, field work, modeling, biocontrol
SAMARA, RANA Doctorate
Bibbs, Christopher Masters behavior, venomous species, ecology, insect, identification, urban, medical/veterinary
Gautam, Sandipa Doctorate Insect Biology, Ecology, Psocids, Toxicology, Fumigants, Scanning Electron Microscope, Phosphine Resistance Managment
Munoz-Riviaux, Senen Masters Heteroptera taxonomy and systematic,, Insect Aquatic Ecology,, Freshwater Pollution Bioindicators,, Watershed Integrated Management
Barkhordar, Behshid Doctorate Molecular Ecology, Trophic Interactions, Biological Control, Chemical Ecology, Molecular techniques, IPM
Mahdavi, Ahmad Doctorate Pesticide, Environment, Toxicology, Ecotoxicology, Regulations, Biodiversity, IPBES, Pesticidal plants, GM, Developing countries.
Mastrangelo, Thiago Doctorate Food Defense, Nuclear Techniques, SIT, Livestock.
Flynn, Megan Masters medical entomology, veterinary entomology, disease ecology, vector-borne pathogens, insect ecology
M T, RANJITH Doctorate Insects, Helicoverpa armigera, Bt cotton, Molecular entomology,
Little, Brian Masters Entomology, Insecticides, Cotton, Stink Bugs, Chemicals, Toxicology, Insect Rearing, Service
Sahayaraj, K High School Hemiptera, Reduviidae, IPM, Botanicals
Upendran, Abhijna Doctorate Aquatic Entomology, Taxonomy of macoinvertebrates,Water quality analysis of freshwater ecosystems, Aquatic heavy toxic metal analysis, Collection of macroinvertebrates, insects, fish,Rapid Bioassessment Protocols, Statistical Analysis using PRIMER v6, R,PAST etc
Sammataro, Diana Doctorate honey bee research, varroa mites, honey plants
Kumar, Ajay Doctorate Entomology, Toxicology, Horticultural Entomology
Singh, Rajwinder Doctorate Insect pathology, Insect Virology, Host-pathogen interactions, Pollinators, Bees, Molecular biology, RNA interference, Microbial control, Disease ecology,
Schwartzberg, Ezra Doctorate Insect-Plant Interactions, Chemical Ecology, Plant Defense, Climate Change
Kang, Jungkoo Doctorate mathematical modeling, simulation, computer simulation, behavioral ecology, ecology, insect resistance management, integrated pest management
Schrader, Preston Masters Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Field Research, Bt Resistance Management, Coleoptera, Western Corn Rootworm
Gholizadeh, Saber Doctorate Molecular Medical Entomology, Anopheles - Parasite interaction, Molecular Insecticide resistance, Malaria Vectors and Parasites, Bioinformatics, Cloning and Expression, Anopheles morphological Identification, Mosquito Field sampling, Impregnated bednets
Bellamkonda venkata, suresh Masters BV.Suresh kumar M.Sc(Agriculture)entomology Goldmedallist having 8 years experiance with Excellent farmer level demonstrations of pesticide samples at their fields., Excellent knowledge on dealers and distributor net work in pesticides sales., Very well knowledge on dealers float schemes with respect to pesticides sales from both distributor and company level, Very well knowledge on crop pest strategy and their biology on different crops, Lot of experience in conducting large farmer meetings at village level, Very well knowledge on field level demonstrations of products (Pesticides samples), Very well knowledge on field staff maintains in meaning of achieving of targets.
Culik, Mark Doctorate integrated pest management, biodiversity, beneficial insects, biological control, natural enemies, parasitoids and predators, integrated pest management, sustainable agriculture, Hemiptera: Coccoidea, Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea
Schmidt-Jeffris, Rebecca Bachelors acarology, integrated pest management, mites, higher education, teach, ecology, tree fruit, extension, tri-trophic interactions
MALDONADO, SERGIO Masters predators and parasites, chemical bioassays, Designed experiments, collected, analyzed and interpreted data, toxicological effects, transgenic cotton, Bilingual (English and Spanish).,
Sully, Jessica Bachelors Insects, Microdissection, Genitalia, Bruchinae, Chrysomelidae, Coleoptera, Sexual Selection, Wolbachia, Museum
Eller, John Some College
Kneeland, Kate Doctorate stable flies, genetics, PCR, IPM, med/vet entomology, insect photography, manuscript editing
Nault, Lowell Doctorate Insect vectors of plant pathogens, Dalbulus leafhoppers, aphid alarm pheromones.
Wang, Yu Bachelors Insect-Plant Interaction, biochemisty, Molecular biology
Huang, Ta-I Doctorate
Bazok, Renata Doctorate agricultural entomology, integrated pest management, field crop pests
Blount, Joni Doctorate Agricultural Biology, Entomology, IPM, Range, Greenhouse, Weed Science, Soybean, Chile/Alfalfa/Cotton, Kudzu, Phenology