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Name Education Level Keywords Post date
Matthew Frye Doctorate Biological Control, Invasion Biology, Native Plants May 2, 2016
Chelsea Rider Some College Coleoptera Lepidoptera Research Museum Internship Public Hemiptera California Pasadena Phasmatodea May 2, 2016
Megan Flynn Masters medical entomology, veterinary entomology, disease ecology, vector-borne pathogens, insect ecology May 2, 2016
Brittny Jones Masters dissecting microscope biology systematics macroinvertebrates molecular biology forensic May 2, 2016
Lowell Nault Doctorate Insect vectors of plant pathogens Dalbulus leafhoppers aphid alarm pheromones. May 2, 2016
Brian Little Masters Entomology, Insecticides, Cotton, Stink Bugs, Chemicals, Toxicology, Insect Rearing, Service May 2, 2016
Christopher Bibbs Masters behavior venomous species ecology insect identification urban medical/veterinary May 2, 2016
Matthew Medeiros Doctorate Lepidoptera teaching education outreach PCR systematics conservation public speaking taxonomy logistics May 2, 2016
Charles Gonzales High School ACE CA Management May 2, 2016
Matan Shelomi Doctorate Phasmatodea Insect Physiology Digestion Transcriptomics Enzymes Physiology Herbivory Symbionts Histology Morphology May 2, 2016
Sriyanka Lahiri Doctorate Insect rearing, Biological Control, Telenomus podisi, stink bugs, Megacopta cribraria, IPM, bacterial identification, grantsmanship, teaching and research. May 2, 2016
Emily Kuhns Doctorate Chemical Ecology Invasive Species Forestry Attractants Biochemistry Molecular Biology Volatiles Vectored Diseases Chromatography Technical Writing May 2, 2016
Philip P Doctorate Resume - Entomology May 2, 2016
Frederick Simon Golec Jr PhD RAC Doctorate Chemistry Manufacturing Controls CMC Regulatory Consultant IND&NDA Life-Cycle Compliance Conformance May 2, 2016
Tatiana Sanchez Doctorate Agriculture Field trials Efficacy tests IPM Disease and pest management Bilingual May 2, 2016
Jorge Rabinovich Doctorate Population ecology, biogeography, Chagas disease, Triatominae, Modeling,Population dynamics, Biological control, Vital statistics, Evolution, Life history May 2, 2016
Alexandra Villiard Doctorate mosquito ecology behavior PCR vector paternal effects colonies dissection May 2, 2016
Christine Buhl Doctorate May 2, 2016
Erica Kistner Doctorate grasshopper, disease ecology, rangeland ecology, pest management, host-pathogen interaction, entomopathogen, statistics, field work, modeling, biocontrol May 2, 2016
Mohammed Al Saffar Doctorate May 2, 2016