Approaching the Unapproachable: Tips and Tricks for Field Photography of Wary Insects

Learn some techniques from Ted MacRae, Senior Research Entomologist at Monsanto Company. Ted specializes in photographing tiger beetles in their natural habitats. These colorful beetles are fast runners and powerful fliers, making them among the more difficult insects to approach. Ted will describe some of the techniques that he uses to obtain close-up and macro photographs of these beautiful beetles and also techniques for field photography of other insects as well.

During this webinar, Ted will share is expertise in insect close-up and macrophotography as another tool to document his field experiences.

Watch the webinar below:

"I attended the webinar on photographing insects and really enjoyed it.  I signed up because I love tiger beetles and wanted to learn more about them.  But I found the tips and equipment recommendations were very insightful and helpful for me.  Keep these great webinars coming!"

Elizabeth Owens, Ph.D. 
DuPont Pioneer 

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