December 2015 North Central Branch President's Letter

Luis Canas, North Central Branch President

It is amazing that another year is almost come to a close. If you’re like me you’re thankful that another semester is over and you are beginning preparations for the next semester. Yes it is a never-ending but fulfilling task. I had a chance to attend two very productive and thought provoking meetings this year, our North Central Branch Meeting and the ESA National Meeting.  Looking back, I believe this a good time to reflect on these events as we look forward to the 2016 conference season.

The 70th Annual NCB-ESA meeting was held May 31- June 3, 2015 in Manhattan, KS.  President Paula Davis presided over a very exciting meeting which was attended by 293 registered participants.  Very big thanks go to Paula, Program Committee Chair Amit Sethi, Local Arrangements Chair David Margolies and Students Affairs Chair Alice Harris for an outstanding meeting. In addition I would like to thank the Co-Chairs of the Triplehorn Challenge Gregory Zolnerowich and Jared Ostrem. This event was a huge success and is here to stay as it will continue during our next meeting. There were a total of 12 well attended symposia that covered a variety of topics including plant-aphid interactions, seed treatments, urban entomology, forest entomology, biological control, entomology literacy, stink bugs, symbionts, RNAi, disease vectors, corn rootworm as well as submitted papers. The student competition was as always exciting and excellent. Many thanks go to all the judges, moderators, presenters & committee members that helped make this meeting a success.

NCB Election Results: 

President-elect: Dr. Linda Mason, Purdue University

Mark Your Calendar:

The 2016 NCB-ESA meeting will be June 5 - June 8 in Cleveland, OH. Local Arrangement chair Mary Gardiner, Program Chair Andy Michel, and I have visited our selected hotel, the  Wyndham Cleveland at Playhouse Square, in Cleveland, OH, and we have a contract with Confex to handle registrations & talk submissions. The venue is located downtown within easy walking distance to dining, entertainment & shopping. Watch the NCB website for meeting updates early next year.

Congratulations to all the 2015 NCB award winners!

NCB Branch Award Winners

C.V. Riley Achievement Award Dr. David Hogg
Award of Excellence in IPM Dr. Brian McCornack
Distinguished Achievement Award in Extension Dr. Robert Wright
Distinguished Achievement Award in Horticultural Dr. David Shetlar
Distinguished Achievement Award in Teaching Dr. Joe Raczkowski

NCB Education Project Awards

Webinar: “Corn Rootworm Management in the Transgenics Era”, Robert Wright, Joe Spencer, Ken Ostlie, Aaron Gassman, Lance Meinke, Mike Gray, Erin Hogson, Adrianna Szczepaniec.

NCB Student Award winners

J.H. Comstock Graduate Student Award Amy Morey (Univ. Minnesota)
Graduate Student Scholarship Award Jennifer Gordon, (Univ. Kentucky)
B.S./M.S. Poster (MUVE, P-IE)

1st Robert Ewing (KSU)

2nd Ashley Hough (KSU)

3rd Suzanne Vachula (U of IL)

B.S./M.S. Poster (PBT, P-IE)

1st Andrea Kautz (OSU)     

2nd Kristin Deroshia          

3rd Travis Calkins (OSU)

Ph.D. Poster (MUVE, P-IE)

1st Eric Clifton (ISU)            

2nd Lina Aguirre-Rojas (KSU)      

3rd Amanda Skidmore (U of KY)

Ph.D. Poster (PBT, SysEB, P-IE)

1st Kayla Perry (OSU)         

2nd Adriano Pereira (Univ. Neb)    

3rd Andres Sandoval-Mojica (Purdue)

B.S./M.S. Paper (SysEB, MUVE, P-IE)

1st Tanya Josek (Univ. of IL)

2nd Kelly Jackson (Univ. of KY)  

3rd MaLisa Spring, (OSU)

B.S./M.S. Paper (P-IE)

1st Joshua McCord (Univ. KY)

2nd Anh Tran (Univ. MN)        

3rd Bridget Blood (Purdue)

Ph.D. Paper (P-IE)

1st Alice Harris (KSU)         

2nd Tavvs Alves (Univ. MN)        

3rd Mike Dunbar (ISU)

Ph.D. Paper (MUVE)

1st Jennifer Frederick (KSU)  

2nd Matthew Heerman (KSU)    

3rd Darren Snyder (USDA-ARS)

Ph.D. Paper (P-IE, SysEB)

1st Shelley Wiggam (KSU)            

2nd Anthony McMechan, (Univ. Neb)  

3rd Ryan Schmid (KSU)

Ph.D. Paper (PBT)

1st Carolina Camargo (Univ. Neb)    

2nd Donghun Kim (KSU)  

3rd Vurtice Albright (ISU)

Linnaean Games

1st place Michigan State University
2nd place Purdue University

Triplehorn Challenge

1st place  MaLisa Spring (OSU)
2nd place Alice Vossbrink (OSU)
3rd place Andrea Kautz (OSU)
4th place Kayla Perry (OSU)
5th place  Yan Yan (Purdue)
Still Art Tanner Matson (KSU)

NCB Symposia for 2016 Meeting:  Symposia proposals should be sent to Program Chair Andy Michel (  The deadline for these proposals is February 5, 2016.    Please include the following information:

  1. Title:
  2. Moderator/organizer contact information (e-mail, telephone/fax number, mailing address):
  3. Goal of proposed symposium (description of the topic, it’s relevance to the general meeting, the target audience, etc.):
  4. Time required ( full day, half day, shorter):
  5. Suggested day (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning.  Note that all student competition presentations will be scheduled on Monday)
  6. Number of speakers:
  7. Potential speakers (please indicate if any have confirmed):
  8. Will enhancement funds be needed and if so, how much is requested:

Organizers for accepted proposals will be contacted in early February and have until Feb. 26, 2016 to submit their final program.  Accepted symposia may request Program Enhancement Funds (PEF) for speakers who are not within the North Central Branch or whose discipline is not entomology.  Limited PEF are available so please submit your symposia proposals and subsequent requests as soon as possible.

Insect Photo Salon and Linnaean Games information will be provided early in 2016.

Oral  / Poster Presentations, Triplehorn Challenge displays and Student Competition Submissions:   Mark your calendar for submitting entries via the Confex- hosted website from Feb. 15 - March 18, 2016.

NCB Awards and Call for Award Nominations:  The North Central Branch is proud to sponsor numerous branch and national awards as well as student travel grants. 

  •  Many of the awards are shifting to on-line submissions and awards web pages are being updated.  An e-mail will be sent out after the first of the year with more details on specific awards and submission process.
  • For 2016, awards applications will be accepted from Feb. 15 to March 18, 2016.  Please consider nominating a deserving student or colleague for one of these awards.
  • There will be 20 to 25 student travel grants ($250). Up to 5 of these grants will be reserved for undergraduates.


Happy Holidays!

Luis Canas
NCB-ESA President

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