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Whether this is your first professional scientific meeting, or you have attended meetings in the past, students planning to attend Entomology 2017 should participate in ESA's hour-long Know Before You Go webinar to learn about student events, and Annual Meeting happenings like 3-Minute Lightning Bug Talks, Workshops, and Lunch and Learns. Hosted by ESA's Student Affairs Committee, the four presenters will provide tips and tricks on ensuring you make the most of your time at the Annual Meeting, with topics such as networking tips, what to wear, what to bring, and more! 

Dr. Laramy Enders (UNL) and Dr. Sarah Zukoff (KSU) outline the many ingredients required to deliver a truly great scientific presentation. In the first half, Laramy focuses on the dos and don’ts of presenting at an annual meeting such as ESA’s, Entomology 2015. In the second half, Sarah focuses on presenting to the public in an extension capacity. Combined, they offer valuable advice for entomologists and scientists in any stage of their career.

Learn how to create scientific posters that your colleagues and advisors will not stop talking about. Our expert presenter helps you learn how to display your work with award-winning design. Your scientific poster is your opportunity to communicate your research and thoughts in a static visual medium, and allows you to show and discuss your work in an interactive format. This seminar will give you tips on how you can create an attractive and easy-to-read poster presentation so viewers can quickly discern your message. 

Improve Your Data Presentation provides three simple techniques that can be used to improve the effectiveness of data slides for use in spoken presentations. Authors should strive to simplify content, organize elements sensibly, and remove clutter that distracts viewer attention from the intended content. This webinar will demonstrate use of the three techniques to improve clarity of data tables and figures for easier and faster audience comprehension.