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Connect to resources designed to support leaders in ESA's Branches, Sections, and other volunteer groups.

The information below provides a general idea of the purpose of select ESA committees, judging panels and editorial boards, including term served, involvement level of participants, and main responsibilities of its members.

Information on volunteer opportunities with ESA's publications, including serving as a manuscript reviewer, editor, or member of an editorial board or ESA's Publications Council.

Information on ESA's current Presidential Committees, which are appointed by the ESA President to serve during his or her term to study or resolve immediate needs of the Society.

Information on ESA's current Special Committees, which are established by a vote of the Governing Board to carry out a particular charge for a specified period of time.

Information on ESA's 11 standing committees, which providing ongoing leadership of and support for the Society and its mission.

ESA's work to advance its mission is directed and supported by its Governing Board, Standing Committees, Presidential Committees, and Special Committees, as well its editorial boards.