Rising Stars of Entomology Award Symposium

Graduate students are invited to apply to present their research at the Rising Stars of Entomology Award Symposium held during Entomology 2023. The purpose of the symposium is to provide a high-profile opportunity for graduate students near the completion of their degrees to present a more in-depth overview of their thesis research. Students will have the opportunity to expand upon their research beyond the 10-minutes of the student competitions and gain valuable experience for future career presentations. A total of five individuals will be selected for this competitive symposium, one from each ESA Section (two from P-IE). The deadline for applications is Monday, May 1, 2023.

In addition to giving a featured 30-minute presentation, students will be awarded free registration to Entomology 2023 and free membership to ESA for the following year.

Applicants will be notified in late May of their status. Those not selected will automatically have their submissions scheduled in a student 10-minute paper session. 

Questions? Contact the Student Affairs Committee Chair, Victoria Pickens.


Applicants must have a current ESA student membership at the time of submission and be within the last expected year of graduate studies (Masters or PhD). Research submitted must be nearing completion as the symposium is not intended to showcase preliminary results, but more final results from a senior student. Students must also be the principal investigator and principal author of the presented work.

Submission Requirements

All applicants must submit directly to the Rising Stars of Entomology Award Symposium on the Entomology 2023 submission site

In addition to providing the standard submission information (title, authors, abstract), applicants to the symposium are required to upload the following:

  • Abstract (250 word maximum) describing the proposed presentation highlighting their work
  • 2-minute promotional video including a brief introduction and concise description and importance of the research to be presented
  • CV (3-page maximum) to include background information and research (previous publications, conference presentations, and other presentation experience), in addition to service, extension, and/or outreach. View information on what should be listed in each section of the CV.

The deadline for Rising Stars of Entomology submissions is Monday, May 1, 2023.

Judging Rubric

Applicants to the Rising Stars of Entomology Award Symposium will be evaluated on the following criteria for a total of 45 points:

  • Quality of abstract (10 points)
    • 250 word maximum
    • Judges will look for more complete projects appropriate for senior students, not preliminary results
  • Quality of video (20 points)
    • Did the applicant introduce themselves to the Society?
    • Concise and informative description of the research to be presented and why it is of interest to your ESA Section
    • Video can be any format so long as it is clear and engaging - slide deck, white board, elevator pitch, etc.
    • These videos will be used to advertise selected talks, so make them interesting.
  • Strength of CV (15 points)
    • 3 page maximum
    • Well-organized record of biographical information (degrees and current positions), scholarly contributions (both presentations and manuscripts), and positions (teaching assistantships, research assistantships, curatorial positions, mentoring, extension positions, etc.)
    • Outreach/education work, reviewing papers, organization leadership at university or professional society level, diversity and including work
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