Award Symposia Winners

We are excited to announce the winners of this year's award symposia: Joint Early Career Recognition Symposium and Joint ESA Rising Stars of Entomology and ESC Graduate Student Showcase Symposium. We look forward to their featured 30-minute presentations at the 2022 Joint Annual Meeting.

Joint Early Career Recognition Symposium

Matthew Doremus, University of Arizona
Cardinium-induced cytoplasmic incompatibility in Encarsia parasitoid wasps
SysEB Section

Laura Figueroa, University of Massachusetts
Flowers: From dirty doorknobs to pharmacies for foraging bees
P-IE Section

Karen Poh, USDA-ARS
An “extension” of One Health: Leveraging collaborations between research and extension to prevent and control vector-borne diseases
MUVE Section

Isobel Ronai, Harvard University
Developing novel control strategies for the Asian longhorned tick to prevent tick-borne diseases
PBT Section

Joint ESA Rising Stars of Entomology and ESC Graduate Student Showcase Symposium

Representing the Entomological Society of Canada:

Jacob Basso, University of Guelph
The sterile insect technique as a novel management tool for control of pepper weevil (Anthonomus eugenii Cano) in greenhouse and field pepper crops

Anna-Sophie Caron, Concordia University
Top-down and bottom-up trophic interactions related to FTC outbreaks during low-density population density periods in temperate and boreal mixedwood forests in Quebec

Jessica Fraser, Université Laval
Compatibility of LED greenhouse lighting and parasitoid biocontrol for aphid management in pepper

Mathilde Gaudreau, Université de Montréal
Investigating how UV radiation affects egg parasitoid fitness and behavior

Representing the Entomological Society of America:

Jordan Glass, Arizona State University
Predicting the effects of heat waves on honey bee foraging

Sandra Mendiola, Emory University
Insider knowledge: Understanding the influence of an insect-microbe symbiosis on pathogen vectoring

Christine Sosiak, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Resin from the dead: Evaluating patterns in extinction through the ant fossil record

Samantha Willden, Cornell University
Tools and approaches to IPM on protected culture crops

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