Continental Dialogues Webinar Series

The Continental Dialogue will be convened by The Nature Conservancy and the Entomological Society of America’s “Grand Challenges Agenda for Entomology,” as a short series of webinars focused on the current strategic and planning needs in forest health. These webinars will span from the prevention of the introduction of new pests, through detection and management, all the way to reforestation and biological control organisms. 

Part I: Before the Border

Panelists: Angela Mech, Jiri Hulcr, Leigh Greenwood

December 7, 2021

Part II: First Points of Contact

Panelists: Bob Haack, Jared Franklin, Erin Cadwalader

December 8, 2021

Part III: Detection and Response

Panelists: Chuck Bargeron, John Hastings, Phillip Lewis, Rachel Holmes

December 14, 2021

Part IV: Seeing the Trees

Panelists: Carrie Pike, Katy Barlow, Sara Fitzsimmons

December 15, 2021


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