How to Get Involved in ESA Leadership Development Opportunities in 2022

Wednesday, May 4, 2022 

Have you thought about getting more involved in ESA leadership opportunities but were unsure where to get started? This webinar covered what opportunities are available at the national level and hear from current and past leaders about what they have found most valuable from the experience!

Panelist: Dr. Jeff Bradshaw

Dr. Jeff Bradshaw, Associate Professor & Extension Specialist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, uses applied entomology to manage insects of importance for field crops and ranges in western Nebraska. He is the incoming president of the ESA North Central Branch and past president of the P-IE Section.

Panelist: Dr. Carey Minteer

Dr. Carey Minteer, Assistant Professor of Weed Biological Control at the University of Florida, works to develop solutions for controlling the state’s invasive weed problems through classical biological control and integrated pest management. She also chairs ESA's Leadership Development Committee.

Panelist: Dr. Patricia Prade

Dr. Patricia Prade, a postdoctoral fellow at Rutgers University, studies biological control of invasive species. She previously served as the chair of the ESA Student Affairs Committee among other leadership roles.

Panelist: Dr. Don Weber

Dr. Don Weber, leader of the USDA ARS Invasive Insect Biocontrol & Behavior Laboratory, focuses on insect ecology with a commitment to the improvement of agricultural pest management.  He serves on the ESA Governing Board as the Eastern Branch Rep, having also previously served as branch President, and represents that branch on the Science Policy Committee.  

Moderator: Kadie Britt

Moderator: Adam Holt


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