ESA Staff Directory

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All ESA staff phone numbers start with (301) 731-4535, with the extensions as shown below.

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Executive Director David Gammel, ext. 3008
Director of Certification Chris Stelzig, ext. 3012
Director of Finance Neil Willoughby, ext. 3005
Staff Accountant Alexis Lyons, ext. 3017
Director of Meetings Rosina Romano, ext. 3010
Manager of Meetings and Exhibits Cindy Myers, ext. 3001
Conference and Office Administrator Becky Anthony, ext. 3018
Director of Membership and Marketing Debi Sutton, ext. 3021
Manager of Marketing and Member Relations
Carolina Olivieri, ext. 3022
Database Manager Katherine Matthews, ext. 3002
Director of Publications & Communications (American Entomologist, Annals, EE, JEE, JME, JIPM, AMT, Thomas Say Books)
Lisa Junker, ext. 3020
Journal Issue Manager Latifah Mohamed-Ibrahim,
800-257-5529 ext. 6998 (Contractor)
Subscriptions Management Alexis Lyons, ext. 3017
Communications Program Manager (eNews, job ads, datebook, media relations, Entomology Today blog)
Richard Levine, ext. 3009
Advertising with ESA (See our media kit for full details.)
Cindy Myers, ext. 3001
Mailing List Rental Agent Caroline Monek
Account Representative,
Marketing General Inc.,
703-706-0305 (Contractor)


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