Volunteer for ESA's Biodiversity Task Force

Several years ago insects became part of the popular news cycle amid stories about insect declines and overall biodiversity losses. At the time ESA advocated for a “concerned, but cautious” approach due to a dearth of published longitudinal data.   As more data has been published and peer-reviewed, however, it is clear that insect declines are real. We now have more data than was available in 2019 – which was the last time ESA issued a public statement on insect declines. These data point to concerning trends in insect abundance and biomass.  The question is … what do we do about it?

If you are an ESA member and are interested in volunteering to serve in an ad hoc manner for a subcommittee on the new ESA Biodiversity Task Force, or have comments you wish to share about the scope and data for this effort, please enter your information below.

Are you an ESA member currently?

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