Branch Meeting Locations

ESA Branches host meetings annually in various locations within their territories. A full list of upcoming, current, and previous meeting locations is below. To view the list of Branch Meeting deadlines for the current year, visit the Branch Meetings Calendar.


EasternMarch 15-18Harrisburg, PA 
InternationalApril 7-9Virtual 
North CentralApril 13-16Lincoln, NE 
PacificMarch 30-April 2Salt Lake City, UT 
SoutheasternMarch 9-12Baton Rouge, LA 
SouthwesternMarch 23-26Round Rock, TX 


EasternMarch 9-12Morgantown, WVProgram Book
Online Program
InternationalApril 8-10VirtualOnline Program
North CentralMarch 24-27Fort Collins, COProgram Book
Online Program
PacificApril 14-17Waikoloa Beach, HIProgram Book
Online Program
SoutheasternMarch 17-20Augusta, GAProgram Book
Online Program
SouthwesternApril 21-24Albuquerque, NMProgram Book
Online Program


EasternMarch 18-20Providence, RIProgram Book
Online Program
InternationalApril 24-26VirtualOnline Program
North Central*April 16-19Oklahoma City, OKProgram Book
Online Program
PacificApril 2-5Seattle, WAProgram Book
Online Program
SoutheasternMarch 12-15Little Rock, ARProgram Book
Online Program
Southwestern*April 16-19Oklahoma City, OKProgram Book
Online Program
*Branches are meeting jointly


EasternApril 24-26, 2022Philadelphia, PAOnline Program
InternationalApril 25-27, 2022VirtualOnline Program
North CentralMarch 20-23, 2022Minneapolis, MNProgram Book
Online Program
Pacific April 10-13, 2022Santa Rosa, CAProgram Book
Online Program
SoutheasternMarch 26-30, 2022San Juan, PRProgram Book
Online Program
SouthwesternApril 18-20, 2022Fort Worth, TXOnline Program


EasternMarch 22-24, 2021VirtualOnline Program
InternationalApril 26-28, 2021VirtualOnline Program
North CentralJune 21-23, 2021VirtualOnline Program
PacificApril 5-7, 2021VirtualOnline Program
SoutheasternMarch 29-31, 2021VirtualOnline Program
SouthwesternJune 28-29, 2021VirtualOnline Program


Eastern*March 29-April 1, 2020Atlanta, GAOnline Program
InternationalApril 27-29, 2020VirtualOnline Program
North Central**April 20-24, 2020VirtualOnline Program
Pacific*April 19-22, 2020Spokane, WAProgram Book
Southeastern*March 29-April 1, 2020Atlanta, GAOnline Program
Southwestern**April 20-24, 2020VirtualOnline Program
*Meeting canceled
**Meeting postponed; Student competition held virtually


EasternMarch 9-12, 2019Blacksburg, VAProgram Book
Online Program
InternationalApril 8-10, 2019VirtualOnline Program
North CentralMarch 17-20, 2019Cincinnati, OHProgram Book
Online Program
PacificMarch 31-April 3, 2019San Diego, CAProgram Book
Online Program
SoutheasternMarch 3-6, 2019Mobile, ALProgram Book
Online Program
SouthwesternApril 14-18, 2019Tulsa, OKProgram Book
Online Program


BranchDates LocationProgram
EasternMarch 17-19, 2018Annapolis, MDProgram Book
Online Program
International April 16-18, 2018VirtualOnline Program
North CentralMarch 18-21, 2018Madison, WIProgram Book
Online Program
PacificJune 10-13, 2018Reno, NVProgram Book
Online Program
SoutheasternMarch 3-7, 2018Orlando, FLProgram Book
Online Program
SouthwesternMarch 25-29, 2018Albuquerque, NMProgram Book
Online Program


BranchDatesLocation Program
EasternMarch 17-21, 2017Newport, RIProgram Book
Online Program
International November 5-8, 2017Denver, COOnline Program
North CentralJune 4-7, 2017Indianapolis, INProgram Book
PacificApril 2-5, 2017Portland, ORProgram Book
Online Program
SoutheasternMarch 12-15, 2017Memphis, TNProgram Book
Online Program
SouthwesternApril 9-13, 2017Austin, TXProgram Book
Online Program


BranchDatesLocation Program
EasternJanuary 3-7, 2016Philadelphia, PAProgram Book
International September 25-30, 2016Orlando, FLOnline Program
North CentralJune 5-8, 2016Cleveland, OHProgram Book
PacificApril 3-6, 2016Honolulu, HIProgram Book
Online Program
SoutheasternMarch 13-16, 2016Raleigh, NCProgram Book
Online Program
SouthwesternFebruary 21-25, 2016Tyler, TXProgram Book


EasternMarch 14-17, 2015Rehoboth Beach, DEProgram Book
InternationalNovember 15-18, 2015Minneapolis, MNOnline Program
North CentralMay 31-June 3, 2015Manhattan, KSProgram Book
Online Program
PacificApril 11-15, 2015Coeur d'Alene, IDProgram Book
SoutheasternMarch 15-18, 2015Biloxi, MSProgram Book
Online Program
SouthwesternFebruary 23-26, 2015Tulsa, OKProgram Book


EasternMarch 15-18, 2014Williamsburg, VAProgram Book
International August 3-8, 2014York, UKMeeting Report
North CentralMarch 9-12, 2014Des Moines, IAProgram Book 
Online Program
PacificApril 6-9, 2014Tuscon, AZProgram Book
SoutheasternMarch 1-5, 2014Greenville, SCProgram Book
Online Program
SouthwesternFebruary 24-27, 2014San Antonio, TXProgram Book


EasternMarch 16-20, 2013Lancaster, PAProgram Book
Online Program
InternationalMarch 5, 2013Pucón, ChileMeeting Report
North CentralJune 16-19, 2013Rapid City, NDProgram Book
Online Program
PacificApril 6-11, 2013Stateline, NevadaProgram Book
SoutheasternMarch 3-6, 2013Baton Rouge, LAProgram Book
Online Program
SouthwesternFebruary 25-28, 2013Las Cruces, NMProgram Book


EasternMarch 16-19, 2012Hartford, CTProgram Book
International August 19-25, 2012Daegu, Korea 
North CentralJune 3-6, 2012Lincoln, NBProgram Book
Online Program
PacificMarch 25-28, 2012Portland, OROnline Program
SoutheasternMarch 3-8, 2012Little Rock, ARProgram Book 
SouthwesternMarch 3-8, 2012Little Rock, ARProgram Book 


EasternMarch 18-21, 2011Harrisburg, PAProgram Book
InternationalNovember 13, 2011Reno, NV 
North CentralMarch 13-16, 2011Minneapolis, MNProgram Book
Pacific March 27-30, 2011Waikoloa, HIProgram Book
SoutheasternMarch 19-22, 2011San Juan, PRProgram Book
SouthwesternMarch 7-10, 2011Amarillo, TXProgram Book


EasternMarch 7-9, 2010Annapolis, MDProgram Book
North CentralMarch 13-17, 2010Louisville, KY 
PacificApril 11-14, 2010Boise, IDProgram Book
SoutheasternMarch 6-10, 2010Atlanta, GAProgram Book
SouthwesternApril 11-14, 2010Cancun, MexicoProgram Book


EasternMarch 20-23, 2009Harrisburg, PAProgram Book
North CentralMarch 15-18, 2009St. Louis, MOProgram Book
PacificMarch 29-April 1, 2009San Diego, CAProgram Book
SoutheasternMarch 8-11, 2009Montgomery, AL 
SouthwesternFebruary 23-26, 2009Stillwater, OK 


EasternMarch 9-11, 2008Syracuse/Liverpool, NYProgram Book
North CentralMarch 24-27, 2008Columbus, OHProgram Book
PacificMarch 30- April 2, 2008Napa, CAProgram Book
SoutheasternMarch 2-5, 2008Jacksonville, FL 
SouthwesternFebruary 23-26, 2008Fort Worth, TXProgram Book


EasternMarch 18-20, 2007Harrisburg, PAProgram Book
North CentralMarch 25-28, 2007Winnepeg, MB, CanadaProgram Book
PacificMarch 25-28, 2007Portland, OR 
SoutheasternMarch 4-7, 2007Knoxville, TN 
SouthwesternFebruary 19-22, 2007Corpus Christi, TXProgram Book


EasternMarch 12-14, 2006Charlottesville, VAProgram Book
North CentralMarch 26-29, 2006Bloomington, ILProgram Book
PacificMarch 5-8, 2006Wailea, Maui, HawaiiProgram Book
SoutheasternMarch 5-8, 2006Wilmington, NC 
SouthwesternFebruary 27- March 1, 2006Austin, TXProgram Book
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