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Social Justice and Entomology: Climate Change

Thursday, February 10, 2022

1-2 PM Eastern Time


Climate change impacts both host plants and insects leading to changes in human and animal migration, disease patterns, and food production. Changes such as these often increase inequity among social groups. Whether in the area of vector-borne disease or food production, can entomology work to lessen inequity caused by climate change locally and globally? What are the roles and responsibilities of entomologists?

Panelists: Charles Ben Beard, Emily Meineke

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Social Justice and Entomology: Food Systems, Security, and Equity

Thursday, March 10, 2022

1-2 PM Eastern Time



From supporting agriculture to entomophagy, the impact of entomology on food systems in undeniable. However, extant food systems have been created in a system of inequality. For instance, only 2% of agricultural land in the US is owned by people of color and indigenous knowledge is undervalued. What is the role of entomology in creating equity and sustainable food systems?

Panelists: Esther Ngumbi, Georgina Bingham

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**Please note that all the webinars are for everyone! Each webinar will be captioned. If you require another access service to fully participate or have any questions about accessibility, please contact Javhana Johnson at jjohnson@entsoc.org. To ensure the best experience, please try to contact us at your earliest convenience.**

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