ESA ECP Career Track Webinar: Academia - Research/Extension

Careers in entomology are just as diverse as the insects and arthropods we study! For this installment of the ECP webinar series highlighting the diverse careers in entomology, we are focusing on academic careers with research and/or extension appointments. Come meet our panelists and learn more about what they do, the job interview and hiring process, tips on how to be successful in an academic career, and more!

Invasion of the Planthoppers: Advances in surveillance and management of the spotted lanternfly

The invasive fulgorid Lycorma delicatula first appeared in the United States in 2014 in Pennsylvania and has continued to spread to other states, mostly within the Eastern Branch region. As a generalist feeder, it has become a pest of economically important plants such as grape. Our expert panelists will discuss some of the latest research and best methods for detection of this species as well as management options.

Learn about Public Health Entomology Internships, Fellowships, and Research Positions

Attendees will learn about the Public Health Entomology for All internships, fellowships, and research positions for 2023 and how they can apply. Successful applicants will work at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Fort Collins, or San Juan. There will be six internships for college students, four one-year fellowships for recent graduates, and four two-year research positions for scientists who will have earned a graduate degree by June 2023. Applicants must have attended a Minority Serving Institution and be interested in public health entomology and equity.

Entomology Advocacy Week 2022

Join the ESA President: Jessica Ware, former president: May Berenbaum, 2023 President-Elect: Marianne Alleyne, and the former NIFA Director Sonny Ramaswamy to participate in our Entomology Advocacy Week discussions. 

How to Get Involved in ESA Leadership Development Opportunities in 2022

Have you thought about getting more involved in ESA leadership opportunities but were unsure where to get started? This webinar covered what opportunities are available at the national level and hear from current and past leaders about what they have found most valuable from the experience!

Early Career Professionals Webinar Series

The North Central Branch Early Career Professionals Committee and the national ESA Early Career Professionals Committee organized a webinar series focused on careers in entomology. 

Post-Webinar Discussion on Invasive Insects Webinar Series

Invasive insects are devastating in agricultural, natural, and urban environments around the world. The Entomological Society of America is positioned to be a leader in developing a collaborative invasive species mitigation and management roadmap.

On the Horizon: New findings in tick biology, ecology, and control

Ever wanted to enjoy the outdoors without the prospect of tick bites and tick-borne diseases? You’re not alone! With an up-“tick” in tick-borne disease cases, it is important to understand tick biology and ecology in order to manage your risk. Sponsored by the Eastern Branch, this webinar featured a panel of tick experts to share their current research on tick biology, ecology, and control. Our panel also answered audience questions on how you can protect yourself from tick bites while outdoors.

Social Justice and Entomology Webinar Series

Join our panelists to talk about climate change, food systems, security, and equity and the impact it has on our world over two webinars to answer questions such as: What is the role of entomology in creating equity and sustainable food systems? Whether in the area of vector-borne disease or food production, can entomology work to lessen inequity caused by climate change locally and globally?