ESA Member Feedback on Society Position Statements

Once approved by the Governing Board, ESA position statements are valid for four years (unless otherwise revised or removed by the Board). Approximately 3.5 years after they publish, the Society initiates a review process to consider if the statement should remain as active policy for the Society. ESA member input is an important part of that process.

If you have comments on an existing ESA position statement that you feel should affect whether or not it is renewed; edited for content, clarity, or new information; or is retired, please use this form to recommend edits. The dates listed with the statements are the deadlines for member comments on the rewrite process. If you are interested in participating on a committee to update one of these statements, please indicate your interest in the comment field below.

Since ESA position statements are statements made on behalf of Society members, comments are only accepted from ESA members in good standing, as identified by your email address and/or your membership ID number. If your comments are not related to a position statement, please use this form instead.

List of ESA Position Statements and comment period deadlines for which feedback is currently solicited:


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Please provide comments on the subject of the position statment here. If you would also like to volunteer to participate on the writing committee for this position statement, please indicate that here.
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