Proposed Changes to the International Branch Bylaws

The International Branch Governing Board is proposing changes to the Bylaws of the Branch to be voted on by the membership during the 2018 summer elections. The rationale for the changes follows below. The proposed changes have been approved by the ESA IB Governing Board.

Invasive Species Posters

Monday, April 16

Acaricide resistance status of Rhipicephalus microplus in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil: 2015 – 2017.
Guilherme Klafke, Jose Reck, Rovaina Doyle, Bruno Dall"Agnol, Marcelo Becker, Anelise Webster, Ugo Araujo Souza, Paola Antunes, Fabricio Tibere Jardim, Julsan Silveira dos Santos and Joao Ricardo Martins, Instituto de Pesquisas Veterinarias Desiderio Finamor, Eldorado do Sul, Brazil

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Posters

Tuesday, April 17

Behavioral responses of Rhyzopertha dominica and Tribolium castaneum to various multi-species lures in laboratory release-recapture and wind tunnel assays.
Matt Hamblin1 and Rob Morrison2, 1Kansas State Univ., Manhattan, KS, 2USDA - ARS, Manhattan, KS

Science Communication Posters

Wednesday, April 18

Addressing the emergence and spread of leishmaniasisin the borders of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay and Bolivia.