Moderator Instructions & Resources

Thank you for serving as a moderator and/or session organizer for the ESA Annual Meeting. The success of the meeting is heavily dependent on moderators as the Program Committee relies on you to keep the meeting on schedule and the flow of scientific presentations running smoothly and orderly. Please follow the guidelines provided below to ensure the success of your session.

Moderator Guidelines

Before the session starts: 

  • Arrive early. Plan to arrive about 20-30 minutes before the session starts. Familiarize yourself with the podium, computer, projection system, pointer, and room lights. Please do not change out computers or allow a presenter to do so. A timer, slide advancer with laser pointer, and time cards will be in each meeting room.
  • Check the online program. Please check the time and room assignment of your session. The mobile app and online program will be updated with any last-minute changes. 
  • Presenters should not be permitted to use their own computers, projectors, laptops, or other specialized equipment without prior consent from the Presentation Preview Room personnel. Under no circumstances should you allow the session’s computer or video projector to be disconnected as it risks damaging/disrupting subsequent presentations and is a violation of our contract with the A/V company. 

At the beginning of the session: 

  • Introduce yourself and co-moderator (if any), and state the session name so attendees know they are in the right place. 
  • Announce that presenters have been instructed to include icons on their slides informing the audience whether it is okay to photograph slides and/or post their presentation information on social media. Audience members are requested to honor the speaker's photography and social media designations.
  • Please silence all cell phones.
  • Encourage the audience to take seats toward the front of the room and to fill empty seats. 
  • Remind the presenters they will be required to stay within their time limit. Visual cues (timecards) for presenters have been provided. Be sure to inform your presenters if you plan to use them. 
  • Keep to the schedule. Start and end your session on time. If a presenter runs over time, it is the moderator’s responsibility to enforce the time allotment. If a presentation ends early, the moderator may wish to generate a discussion of the previous presentation(s) while waiting for the start time of the next scheduled presentation. If a presenter is missing, take a break or facilitate an informal Q&A session, and do not skip to the next presenter.
  • Begin the first presentation by clicking on the first presentation titles on the session display screen. Please click only ONCE. Please be patient – the presentation may take a few moments to load. After each talk is complete, follow the prompts for the next presentation. 
  • NOTE: It is the responsibility of the moderator to introduce speakers to the audience using both the speaker's name and presentation title.

At the end of the session:

  • Complete the Moderator Evaluation and Attendance Form online using the link provided via email.
  • Return the timer, slide advancer, and time cards to their proper location on the table for the next session.

Helpful Contact Information:

  • If you have any problems with A/V equipment or are missing a timer or laser pointer, please contact someone in the Presentation Preview Room immediately.
  • If first aid services are needed, please call the Convention Center emergency number. They will contact 911 in the event of a medical emergency.
  • In the event of a fire alarm, sessions should stay on schedule based on the online program and mobile app. Upon returning to the building, pickup with the next scheduled talk according to the official program schedule. Any presentations missed due to the fire alarm will be presented either during lunch (if it is a short disruption in the morning) or at the end of the day (if it is a long disruption or in the afternoon).

Moderator Training Sessions

All moderators and session organizers are required to attend one of the Moderator Training sessions. Here you will receive details on equipment operation, light controls, and other responsibilities. Training sessions will be announced in October.

Resources for Moderators

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