Student Competition Judges Information

The Student Competition Co-Chairs thank you for your willingness to serve as a judge for the student competition. Without you, and other entomology professionals like you, the success of this program would not be possible. 

Judges Training Sessions

We are offering two online Judges Training sessions as well as one onsite sessions. All judges and alternates are required to attend one of the training sessions. Any judges electing to participate in one of the online training sessions prior to the start of the meeting will not be required to attend onsite training.

Online judges training sessions will be held:

  • Tuesday, October 31, 3:00 PM Eastern | 12:00 PM Pacific
  • Thursday, November 2, 12:00 PM Eastern | 9:00 AM Pacific
Links to register and join the online training sessions will be provided in your judging notification email. 

The onsite judges training session will be held in Azalea 3 of the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center on Monday, November 6 at 7:00 AM.

Scoring Instructions

Student competition 10-minute papers, posters, and infographics will be featured both in-person and on-demand for Entomology 2023. Regardless as to presentation format (in-person or on-demand), all scores will be submitted online in the Judging Portal. You will be provided with a link to the Judging Portal in early November, along with your personal login information. In the Portal, you will be able to submit scores and feedback for all of your assigned presentations. 

All in-person student competition presentations and posters/infographics will be featured on Monday, November 6. All scheduled sessions and room assignments are available in the online program. Please note that all scores for in-person sessions must be submitted online in the Judging Portal by 10:00 PM Eastern US on Monday, November 6.

On-demand student competition presentations and posters/infographics will be available for judges to watch/view beginning October 30. On-demand presentations/posters will be viewed in the online program. To view your assigned presentations/posters, you will need to login to the online program and navigate to the session. Please note that all scores for virtual presentations must be submitted online in the Judging Portal by 10:00 PM Eastern US on Monday, November 6.

Students appreciate any feedback you may be able to provide. In order to facilitate this, we have added some pre-selected comments to the judges form for your convenience, as well as a place for you to write-in any additional comments. Please be sensitive to those participating in the competition by providing constructions and helpful comments and remarks. Avoid commenting on the personal appearance of the presenter.

A tutorial on how to use the Judging Portal and submit your scores will be included as part of the judges training sessions, however below are helpful tips:

  • To access the presentations to which you have been assigned, use the personalized link which will be sent via email. 
  • Select the blue hyperlink text under “Tasks” then click on the right drop down arrow to view your assigned presentations and “Start Evaluation.” 
  • Once you have entered your scores and feedback, be sure to select "Submit." Note: Scores will not be saved in the system unless you click Submit. You may go back, at any time, to adjust scores and/or feedback if necessary. 
  • To abstain from judging a presentation or if the presenter is a "no show," simply skip to the next presentation. 
  • All scores for all sessions (in-person AND on-demand) must be submitted by 10:00 PM Eastern US Monday, November 6.

Resources for Judges

Information for Alternates

All judging alternates will need to attend one of the judges training sessions. Should any judges withdraw or no-show from their assignments, you may be requested to fill the vacancy last minute.

Alternates are requested to be present in the Judges Break Room from 7:50 AM - 8:10 AM and 10:20 AM - 10:40 AM in the event you are needed to serve. If you are needed to judge a session, you will be provided with your link to the Judging Portal at that time.

Judges Break Room

The Judges (and alternates!) Break Room will be made available again this year. If desired, judges may pickup paper copies of the judging rubric for their assigned session(s). Additionally, judges are welcome to use the Break Room as a space to enter scores. 

Alternate judges are requested to be present in the Break Room 7:50-8:10 AM and 10:20-10:40 AM on Monday morning in the event they are needed to fill a last-minute vacancy. 

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