Join EntoMentos, an ESA mentorship program.


EntoMentos is a flexible and informal mentorship program geared toward supporting students and early career professionals. EntoMentos empowers mentors and mentees to create relationships that work for them. Participants can attend weekly meetings about a broad range of topics like building a CV, financial management, and networking.

Registration will reopen in June 2024.

Interested? Sign-up here and we will email you when applications open. 


Mentors have the opportunity to support entomology students and early career professionals, shape the scientists and leaders of tomorrow, develop leadership skills, network with up-and-coming students, learn what is on the minds of students and early career professionals.

Mentees have an opportunity to select their own mentors, and participate in weekly meetings during the summer to discuss graduate school, career pathways, and the intersection of the personal and professional. This is your opportunity to learn more about entomology and build your network within the profession.


EntoMentos begins this June and will run through the Annual Meeting this fall. You can sign up by completing your online profile. Optional virtual group meetings will take place throughout the summer on Thursdays, with the first meeting on June 16. Each meet-up includes a discussion topic and guest speaker.

  • May 2- May 19: Mentor signups
  • May 25: Mentor meeting
  • May 30 -June 9: Mentee signup
  • June 15: Group meeting 1 – General meeting for all mentors and mentees
  • June 22: Group meeting 2 
  • June 29: Group meeting 3
  • July 6:  Group meeting 4
  • July 13: Group meeting 5
  • July 20: Group meeting 6
  • July 27: Group meeting 7
  • August 3: Group meeting 8

Topics last year included working in a museum, negotiation your first salary, and more. All who are interested can participate. Sign up

Whether a mentor or mentee, you will learn a lot, grow, and hopefully have a good time.


Relationship Framework:

EntoMentos and the platform on which it is created allows an almost never ending series of relationships. Mentors and mentees can:

  • Upload a profile
  • Search for compatible mentors and mentees
  • Create dyadic mentoring relationships
  • Create triadic mentoring relationships including a senior mentor, mid-level mentor, and mentee
  • Create group relationships involving peers or individuals all along the academic and professional experience spectrum.

Platform Framework:

The EntoMentos platform is very robust. It allows participants to:

  • Upload a profile that includes academic, professional, and personal interests
  • Allows mentees to invite mentors and mentors to accept mentees
  • Enter a mentee/mentor agreement
  • Set goals for the mentorship
  • Message mentors, mentees, and larger groups of participants
  • Meet within the platform