Earle S. Raun, ESA Fellow (2004)

Dr. Earle S. Raun, BCE, was formally educated at Buena Vista College, University of Iowa, and Iowa State University (ISU). Raun taught and carried out research on medical, veterinary and crop insects at ISU, and began the university’s first insect pathology laboratory.

He accepted the position of head of entomology at the University of Nebraska in 1966 and moved to extension administration in 1971. In 1974, he originated the Pest Management Company, the first independent crop consulting firm in the Midwest, specializing in research and advisory work on insect problems.

He is past president of the ESA North Central Branch, the American Registry of Professional Entomologists, the National Alliance of Independent Crop Consultants, and the Nebraska Independent Crop Consultants Association.

(updated September, 2004)