Section Governance

The Governing Council of each Section consists of elected officers to include: President, Vice President, Vice President-Elect, Past President, Treasurer, and Representative to the Governing Board of The Society. Section Governing Councils may identify and appoint additional members, including a Secretary of the Section. Section officers are elected by members of The Society who are on record as belonging to that Section in a ballot provided concurrently with the election for officers of The Society. Nominations of candidates for election are solicited from all members of the Section according to procedures adopted by the Section. Vacancy in the office of Section Representative on the Governing Board are filled by appointment by the President of the Section, and the appointee serves until the term expires.

Sections hold at least one business meeting per calendar year and may hold other meetings or conferences at the call of the President of the Section and approval by the Section Governing Council. Sections may put forward proposals and develop program activities for the Annual Meeting of The Society. Sections shall not charge dues but may charge fees to directly support the agenda and activities of Sections with the approval of Section membership.

If you are a Section leader, please take some time to visit the Section Leadership Resources. A comprehensive toolkit designed to familiarize you with your roles and responsibilities.

Capability Committees designed to facilitate communication across Sections consist of one representative appointed by each Section President. They are:  

  • Outreach on Science and Public Policy
  • Continuing Education
  • Fostering Interest in Entomology
  • Program and Issue Leadership

NOTE ON OLD SECTIONS: With the approval of a revision of the Bylaws of ESA in 2007, the number of Sections was reduced from six to four starting in 2008. For archived information from the old Sections and Subsections (prior to 2008), click here.

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