Science communication and advocacy is important to all who care about making sure that decisions made at the highest levels of government are evidence-based. There are many ways that individual scientists can get involved. Here are some tools to help:


Research shows that by far the most effective way to influence your congressional representative is through personal outreach - especially visits and phone calls. All US citizens are represented in Congress and it is your right to have your voice heard. Use these tools to help!

Other Resources



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Communication Documents

Talking Points and Communication Tips
This document provides tips on how to tailor your message to fit your audience in order to improve your effectiveness in communicating science and delivering your message, as well as talking points, for meeting with members of Congress and their staff.

Congressional Meetings Guide
This document explains how to schedule meetings with members of Congress and with members of state legislatures. It also includes a list of "Dos" and "DON'Ts" during the meetings.

Advocacy Scripts
This page includes a few customizable sample scripts to use when contacting your members of Congress to advocate for issues that you believe in. 

Meeting Request Template
This document, which can be used as a template, illustrates how to request a meeting with a member of Congress in writing.

One-Page Factsheet on the Importance of Entomological Research
This one-page document about ESA and the importance of entomological research is a good “leave-behind” for Hill meetings.

Directory of Representatives
This online database can help you find your local congressman or congresswoman. You can search by state, distrtict, or last name.

Directory of Senators
This online database can help you find the U.S. senators for your state.

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